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Welcome to Steeno Surgical, your trusted provider of precision instruments in the surgical, dental, and beauty industries. Founded in 2002, our company is dedicated to being an innovative and reliable contributor to the development of the global medical and beauty spheres.

Over two decades ago, the doors of Steeno Surgical opened with the power of skill and determination to keep up with the demanding growth of the medical industry. Our founder made it his mission to bring a combination of cutting-edge technology and time-honoured craftsmanship to this industry. As a startup, our original aim was to focus on quality over quantity – in other words, we stayed small in order to adhere to our most important values. This allowed us to grow at a digestible pace and achieve great success on local playing fields first. Because of that, today we can be proud to be expanding into the global market.

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At Steeno Surgical, We combine artisan skill with advanced technology to produce surgical instruments that set new standards in precision and reliability.

We specialize in crafting dental instruments that epitomize innovation, precision and durability. Ensuring exceptional performance for dental professionals worldwide.

Our surgical beauty instruments merge meticulous craftsmanship with surgical precision to enhance aesthetic treatments and outcomes in the beauty industry.

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Decades of Experience in Excellence Leveraging years of specialized experience & tradition with innovation to deliver unsurpassed quality and precision.

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Committed to Perfection at Every Step Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our rigorous quality control processes.

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Advancing Healthcare Through Ingenuity We continuously innovate and adapt our technologies to meet the dynamic needs of the medical community.

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