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About Steeno Surgical

Our Mission

We are located in Sialkot, Pakistan - a district most famous for its production of quality products in various industries.

At Steeno Surgical, we are dedicated to enhancing the art and science of medicine by providing the highest quality surgical instruments to healthcare professionals around the world. Our mission is to empower surgeons with precision tools that enhance outcomes for patients and streamline surgical procedures. We believe that by focusing on quality, innovation, and reliability, we can contribute significantly to advancing global healthcare standards.

Founded in 2002, Steeno Surgical emerged from a desire to meet and exceed the rigorous demands of the medical industry. Our founder, a seasoned entrepreneur with deep ties to the healthcare sector, recognized the need for superior surgical instruments that combined traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology. Based in the heart of the medical equipment manufacturing district, Steeno Surgical has grown from a promising startup to a pivotal player in the global market.

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At Steeno Surgical, we are firm believers that the quality of an instrument should complement the skill of the professional who yields it. You can trust our experts to provide surgical, dental, and beauty instruments that add to the value the professionals can provide.

Our Commitment to Quality

Steeno Surgical doesn’t only see quality as a desirable outcome of business as usual. We make it our personal responsibility to improve the standards of ethics, testing, design, and precision that the industry currently adheres to. We want to set a new standard with every product we create, and for that, we don’t just stick to what is best, we challenge it.

Why Trust US

Steeno Surgical strives to be the best in every aspect. From manufacturing our products in factories of the highest caliber, hiring experienced craftsmen and developers, and ensuring that our customer service leaves you satisfied, we are committed to our mission: being the best at providing the best.

The positive reputation our city has as a world-class hub for the manufacturing of quality goods fuels our fire. We are honoured to form part of Sialkot's history and for that reason, quality, longevity, and innovation are among our top priorities.

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